zulu: Hugh Laurie as House, with text: seeker after truth (house - truth seeker)
zulu ([personal profile] zulu) wrote in [community profile] house_cuddy2010-11-23 11:41 am

[episode reaction] House MD 7.08 Small Sacrifices

Apologies for the delay, folks. This post is for discussion after airing of episode 7.08 Small Sacrifices. Spoilers up to and including this episode only are permitted in comments to this post. Tell us what you have to say about anything concerning the episode, and enjoy!

P.S., as a mod note, if anyone who lives in North America (and therefore is more likely to be awake when the episode airs) would like to take on the task of posting episode reaction entries, please PM me or comment to volunteer. I keep falling asleep before it's logical to put them up. Time zones! Grr!

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